BalletX Joins Selby/Artists Roster

BalletX Joins Selby/Artists Roster

  • 2018-08-23

BalletX signed by Selby Artists Management to expand its audience reach


Philadelphia’s premier contemporary ballet company, BalletX, joins Selby Artists Management’s roster of unique, award-winning dance companies.


Built from the vision of the Artistic & Executive Director Christine Cox, who now leads the group she co-founded with Matthew Neenan more than twelve years ago, the company expands the boundaries of classical ballet by encouraging experimentation while preserving classic technique. This formula is generating excitement, critical acclaim and dedicated followers for BalletX.


“I have been following BalletX for years. Not only am I inspired by the artistry of the company, I am equally impressed with Christine’s vision and her ability to run a successful company. She’s commissioned over 68 new works, established a dedicated space, and curated a captivating and diverse company of dancers who execute their performances with power and passion,” notes Margaret Selby, President of Selby Artists Management.


Others agree, Damian Woetzel, Artistic Director of the Vail Dance Festival: “BalletX is simply and wonderfully unique - from their thrilling performances on the stage to their meaningful community work, they represent what contemporary ballet can be in the 21st century.”


Jodie Gates, Artistic Director, Laguna Dance Festival: “BalletX is one of my favorite companies to work with, both as a choreographer and as a presenter. They bring the audience to their feet with stunning dancers, diverse programming, and a fantastic vision, all in one!”

“We have been developing the heart and soul of the organization, which is the performance on stage,” said Cox. “While doing that, we’ve been building community outreach programs, in-school programs, and pop-up performances around the city. With Selby Artists Management we look forward to expanding our reach to theaters and communities around the world.”


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