DIAVOLO Joins Selby/Artists MGMT

DIAVOLO Joins Selby/Artists MGMT

  • 2017-07-26

DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion® joins Selby/Artists MGMT for representation to bring their dynamic energy to audiences worldwide

"World class: exacting choreography. Elegance, power, beauty, with the thrill of danger, a special way of dancing."
- Hannoversche Allegemeine, Germany


Selby/Artists MGMT announces the addition of DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion to its roster of award-winning artists. DIAVOLO uses dance to explore the relationship between the human body and its architectural environment. Artistic Director Jacques Heim steers DIAVOLO’s diverse team of dancers, designers, choreographers and engineers to create visceral and awe-inspiring works that reveal how we are affected emotionally, physically and socially by the spaces we inhabit.

Meticulously designed bespoke architectural structures serve as the central inspiration for each work, activated by the stylistically varied and intensely physical choreography, which has become the hallmark of this truly original company.


"What we do on stage is like a live abstract painting. There is no narrative, but strong themes pervade the work such as human struggle, fear, danger, survival, chaos, order, deconstruction, reconstruction, destiny, destination, faith and love." - Jacques Heim, Artistic Director


Selby/Artists MGMT looks forward to expanding DIAVOLO’s touring possibilities to new territories and venues across the globe. Recently featured on America’s Got Talent, reaching an audience of millions, DIAVOLO offers scalable repertoire that can be performed in intimate spaces, to larger scale spectaculars with live music performers and for customized special events.

DIAVOLO continues to create transformative new works that are evocative of the danger, fragility and power of the human body and spirit.


"What excites me is the public’s response to Jacques’ vision and the dancers’ high level of execution. The ideas are fresh and inspiring, and the outreach of the company to the community and younger audiences is remarkable. Diavolo is committed to delivering and connecting."
- Margaret Selby


Founded in 1992 by French-born choreographer and visionary Jacques Heim, DIAVOLO is a cultural pillar of the Los Angeles community and has performed for hundreds of thousands of concertgoers worldwide as well as millions more on television. DIAVOLO aims to capture and comment upon the ironic and frequently humorous patterns, as well as the darker consequences, of human behavior in the world it's built. The work is searching to expand the boundaries of what is considered to be dance by creating a living cinematic experience of powerful images and abstract narratives. Architectural structures provide the backdrop for dramatic and risky movement, revealing metaphors for the challenge of maintaining humanity and human relationships in modern environments.

Through the DIAVOLO Institute the company also provides educational and outreach opportunities to people of all ages and abilities while touring nationally and at home in Los Angeles, sharing the pioneering art form and the power of dance as a means of social impact.


"DIAVOLO Architecture in Motion is way more jaw-dropping than Cirques du Soleil with far cooler design than anything I've seen all week at Design Week."
- Portland Monthly


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