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DEAD + ALIVE - One Year Lease Company

 = A uniquely sweet and clever duet on friendship & loss.

Circuses are not known for safety. In fact, there are arguable more widely-renowned circus accidents than there are widely-renowned circus performers. 

Inspired by Jewish death and burial rituals as well as a classic clown routine which has basic bits in it like: missing a handshake, tipping a hat, and manhandling the corpse of a friend.

Jewish burial customs dictate that a guardian is assigned to watch the recently deceased to ensure that the soul doesn’t escape and run amok. It’s an inherently clown-like structure with a “high-status” mourner trying to keep order and a foil: a “low-status” corpse as chaotic trickster.

This show was the first clown act I ever learned when I was 10 years old. It cannot, however, help to prepare anyone for the sudden death of their most beloved partner. Nothing can. – Richard Saudek

It is magical and its cryptic sunniness and abounding thoughtfulness weigh on the mind. " - The Theater Scene

Anytime A.R.T. or anyone else wants to bring Ravenhill or One Year Lease Theater Company back, I’m here.” —Ed Siegal, NPR Boston

One Year Lease Theater Company (OYL) believes in the power of creating theater, building community, honoring a chorus of diverse voices, questioning our past, and re-imagining our future. Founded in 2001, OYL is a professional theater company based in New York City with a one-of-a-kind Apprentice Program in northern Greece. OYL is an artistic fulcrum around which theater, education, training, and inspiration spins. Since our ineption we have advocated for work that is collaborative and risk-taking.

OYL's work has been critically acclaimed as "first rate young actors" (Charles Isherwood, The New York Times), "theatrical witchcraft" (Scott Brown, New York Magazine), "riveting theater" (Ed Siegel, Boston's NPR), "fiery and fantasical" (Eric Sundermann, Village Voice), "screams of novelty" (Alexandra Villareal, Huffington Post), "playfully posionous" (Terry Byrne, Boston Globe), "a gleaming portrait of our collective contemporary existence" (Andy Propst, American Theater Web), "a celebration of theatrical energy" (Gerald Berkowitz, The Stage), "a captivating, visceral spectacle" (Morgan Kinney, Houstonia Magazine), "exquisite" (Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles).

OYL has received a 2018 Drama Desk Nomination (Sound Design, Balls), 2016 Drama Desk Nomination (Original Score, please excuse my dear aunt sally), a 2016 Edinburgh Stage Award (Best Ensemble, please excuse my dear aunt sally), a 2016 Edinburgh Stage Award (Best Ensemble, please excuse my dear aunt sally), a 2017 Houston Theater Award for Best Sound (Balls), and 2017 Houston Theater Award Nominations for Best New Play (Best Set and Property Design, Balls).

Artistic Directors: Ianthe Demos & Nick Flint

Movement Director: Natalie Lomonte

Director of Education: Leon Ingulsrud