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Stabat Mater - Directed by Jessica Lang

One of the most popular oratorios known throughout the world, this production of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater offers a unique opportunity to witness the masterpiece in a new setting. The work poetically incorporates two opera singers into a contemporary dance piece, creating a visually stunning and spectacular environment that is at once breathtaking, startling and divine. An emotional story of a mother’s love and loss while witnessing her son’s crucifixion, director & choreographer Jessica Lang masterfully acknowledges the text whose first six stanzas recreate the sacred story while the last six stanzas portray the prayer from all people -anyone, anywhere- who have the same desire: “When my body is no more, let my soul know the glory of paradise.” This is a journey of the human spirit that is timeless and universal.

Enough can’t be said for Jessica Lang’s vision of what choreographed oratorio could accomplish...Stabat Mater is a five-star one-act opera in the hands of Lang and [conductor] Scappucci.” —Gale Martin,

A true collaboration of music-dance-theater.” —DC Theater Scene

One of the most extraordinary experiences an opera-goer is likely to see…The simultaneous standing ovation ond vociferous applause at the “Stabat Matter’s” end signaled that the audience reaction to this extraordinary creation was as unanimously positive as any audience one would expect to see.” —