Momix transports audiences from their everyday lives to a fantasy world through its trademark use of magical lighting and imagery. Momix has thrilled fans in over 22 countries and has been featured on stage, screen and television. In an endless search for another gravity, Artistic Director Moses Pendleton combines athletic dance, riveting music, outrageous costumes, inventive props and pure talent to create an entertaining multimedia experience.

Botanica: " the IMAX version of dance theater." "a savvy mix of puppetry, strobe lights and multi-media." —Star Ledger

Opus Cactus: "Inspired by the flora, fauna, and simple magic of the American Southwest, Pendleton’s ingenuity, theatricality, and cunning imagination are seen at full stretch in strange vignettes of the Sonoran desert." —The New York Times

Lunar Sea: “A joyous, fantastic, magical multimedia creation! LUNAR SEA celebrates the joy of spectacle-an eye popping mind boggling production.” —The New York Times

“I’d love to be able to see into Pendleton’s dreams just one night, but dreams alone don’t make theater like this. It needs imagination, an understanding of the laws of physics- inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, weight, velocity—and the grit to out the precision timing that keeps his dancers safe, all of which someone like Streb employs with ease. But like Nikolais, Pendleton brings beauty, mystery, emotion and uproarious fun to the table, too”. —The Philadelphia Inquirer