Carmina Burana - Directed by Shen Wei

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Carmina Burana - Directed by Shen Wei

A monumental achievement, by a consummate artist, Shen Wei’s production brings visionary insight to Carmina Burana, unearthing the often neglected beauty and poetry of the score. It’s a strikingly innovative and moving reading of Carl Orff’s masterwork.

In discussing his vision of the Carmina Burana Shen Wei states, “I have glimpsed both a lightness and symbolic richness to the score that I would like to return to the public. I would say that I chose to work on the Carmina thinking about it as a challenge: to penetrate the poetry of the text and the beauty in the score, to return it to its spirit and its natural environment.”

Shen Wei’s production reveals worlds of ineffable beauty and rich emotions. It is the fruit of a unique mind able to find the right balance between East and West, aware that the new can only be born through the organic knowledge of the past.” —Carmelo Antonio Zapparrata, Arte e Arti

A lively and astonishing masterpiece.” —The St. Petersburg Times

Impressed by the work of Carl Orff in the staging of the choreographer and director, Shen Wei, we are rapt or perhaps spellbound by the clear and rarified movement that literally seems to dance between the Middle Ages of yesterday and that of today.” —Conchita Sannino, La Rebblica

A true and individual Teatro D’arte Totale, a perfect synthesis of music, imagination, dance, and text…In this opera/dance Shen Wei leads the spectator to see the music and to hear the dance.” —Teatro & Specttacolo