Drawing creative strength from his Algerian roots and the Mediterranean culture, Compagnie Hervé KOUBI is a powerhouse player on the international touring circuit. Combining contemporary and urban dance movements, capoeira, and martial arts with powerful imagery and inspired choreography, the dancers defy gravity. 

The Compagnie Hervé KOUBI now features four different repertory options including Hervé Koubi's newest work, Sol Invictus.

Named after the “invincible sun” deity, the work upholds love as the guarantor of peace, that despite fracture, communion emerges as humanity’s saving grace. The music score includes a composition by Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson, with excerpts by Steve Reich and digital composer Maxime Bodson. “I want to talk about light, solidarity, and those bonds that unite us,” says Koubi. “Here, the sun and the dance will emerge victorious.”

They fly. They spin. They change how you see the amazing!"

- The New York Times

The dancers of Compagnie Herve Koubi could be mistaken for gods."

- The New Yorker