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Dance Me: The Music of Leonard Cohen

Dance Me is an exclusive creation inspired by the rich and profound work of Montreal-based poet, artist and songwriter, Leonard Cohen.

Approved by Cohen during his lifetime, this riveting homage to the famed artist evokes the grand cycles of existence in five seasons, as described in Cohen’s deeply reflective music and poems.

Three internationally renowned choreographers were entrusted with putting movement to Cohen’s legendary songs: Andonis Foniadakis, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Ihsan Rustem. Their powerful and profound choreographic world reflective of Cohen’s singular work is brought to life by 14 Ballets Jazz Montreal performing artists.

Surrounded by a team of celebrated designers, Dance Me combines scenic, visual, musical, dramaturgical, and choreographic writing to pay tribute to Montreal’s greatest ambassador. Dance, music, lighting, scenography, and videography all come together in this unforgettable show.

Dance Me: Leonard Cohen's art and soul shine on in this stirring tribute."

 -The Telegraph

Dance Me is a hymn to life, to love, to joy, to sadness, to humanity and for which Leonard Cohen had given his approval. He should have no regrets about this decision which, in addition to being a tribute to his career, is also a beautiful legacy that he has left us."

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