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ETM: Double Down

Using original tap “instruments” designed by 2014 Bessie Award Winner Nicholas Van Young, the score is not simply danced to, but danced BY the company. With the right programming, the sound of a single footfall can range from a snare drum to a note on an arpeggio.


A fresh and innovative show... When “ETM: Double Down” is rocking, Dorrance Dance is one big band."  - Brian Siebert, The New York Times

 This is a show that will surely do for today’s tap what Bring in Da’ Noise and Tap Dogs did for previous generations." - Judith Makrell, The Guardian

ETM: Double Down,” a collaboration between Ms. Dorrance and her longtime friend and company member Nicholas Van Young, incorporates his electronic tap boards, which he compares to electronic drum triggers; here, they work for the feet. “The entire stage is an instrument” is how Mr. Young described the effect. (“ETM” stands for “electronic tap music,” a nod toward electronic dance music.) “There are a million different elements, and then there are larger themes inside of it, ” Ms. Dorrance said of the work, which explores acoustic and digitally produced sounds. “But at the same time, our taps will always be present." - Gia Kourlas, The New York Times