Martha Clarke’s Garden of Earthly Delights

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Martha Clarke’s Garden of Earthly Delights

Visionary director Martha Clarke brings Hieronymus Bosch’s provocative painting to life in Garden of Earthly Delights, exploring heaven, hell, and the beauty and sins in between. An inspired synthesis of visual and performing magic, this breathtaking flight of imaginative genius is sexy, evocative, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen on stage. Using state-of-the-art aerial devices created by the “Flying by Foy” workshop (which has developed stage flying for decades – everything from Mary Martin’s Peter Pan to Billy Elliot), Martha Clarke takes you on a journey from creation through Eden, earthly existence, damnation and redemption. A truly unforgettable experience at the theater with a haunting resonance that you will not soon forget!

A theatrical wonder! Stunning. Sexy! The best show of the season!” –John Heilpern, New York Observer

Utterly spellbinding. One of the year’s best! This singular work is without a doubt one of the most eerily hypnotic spectacles of flesh ever put on a New York Stage.” —Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

A seamless 60-minute spectacle that is at once beautiful and horrifying, elegant and vulgar. The soaring aerial ballets truly give the evening a phantasmagoric quality you won’t soon forget.” —Frank Scheck, New York Post

A visually and aurally stunning production! Beautifully realized and compelling! —Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press